Allatoona Animal Hospital

One of our first veterinary projects was the Allatoona Animal Hospital for Dr. Charles Hiland. This is a two story, 8,000 square foot facility which includes a full service hospital. Its design allows four physicians to simultaneously serve clients. The hospital is equipped with 5 exam rooms, a lab, a large treatment area for dental, minor surgery and surgery prep. It also has a full fledged OR and an X-Ray room with a dark room. Adjacent to the treatment area there is an isolation room designed to house, feed, treat and care for infectious animals.

This facility is equipped with complete boarding facilities. These include a dedicated cat room designed to satisfy the most demanding clients. It also has a puppy room isolated from the rest of the hospital for noise, 48 indoor dog runs, 35 outdoor dog runs, and room for 40+ indoor dog cages. In addition, we provided a full service grooming suite with a separate entrance/exit which also has itís own attached bathing/dip room.


On the second floor, a complete apartment is provided which allows an intern to live on site. This not only drastically improves security, but more importantly allows 24 hour care to animals who need constant monitoring. In addition to the intern suite, the mechanical system, electrical system, phone and computer systems are housed upstairs. A large office is provided for office management. Several second floor storage rooms are used for food and merchandise. A second separate laundry facility is provided for the intern suite and overload capacity. This particular project is nestled in a residential area. Thus, its exterior is intended to maintain residential scale and materials. As a result, we decided to use brick veneer and cement siding as the envelope. The structure is simple wood frame with block walls in the wet areas. The second floor and the roof are framed with pre-engineered trusses.


Allatoona Animal Hospital

Acworth, GA

Charlie Hiland, DVM