Currently Bidding...

Grace Animal Hospital

Dr. Russell and Rosan Sprinkles

2865 Union Rd

Gastonia, NC 28054


This job is a new contruction of the Grace Animal Hopital located in Gastonia, NC

The project bids have come in and we are currently working with the low bidder on a few items. Below is a list of bidders and the Bid Tab Sheet.


Grace Animal Hospital

Date: June 7, 2018
HDA Commission No. 17-18


*Southside Company $1,994,700.
*Pinnix General Contractors $1,874,500.
*Custom Building Systems $1,691,783.


Custom Building Systems
Jeff K. Howe, Jr.
4538 South York Road
Gastonia, NC 28056
704.865.2479 (Office)
704.913.0623 (Mobile)

Southside Company
John Kincaid
11319-D Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
704.825.8881 (Office)

Pinnix General Contractors
David Helm
315 South Street
PO Box 100
Gastonia, NC 28053
704.867.6383 (Office)








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