Building Veterinary Hospitals too Big?

Veterinary Hospitals -Building too Big

Invariable at some point in the planning process of a new building design, we have to balance budget with size and volume. In other words if your building is going to cost $200 per square foot, and you want to spend one million dollars, you will be able to afford 5,000 square feet of building. […]

What is Energy Recovery and why is it Required??

Hospital Architects - Heat Recovery

Animal Hospital Energy Recovery Units In just about every Animal Hospital and Laboratory we design, at some point I have to have a conversation with our client about an ERV.  What’s an ERV they ask…  It’s an Energy Recovery Unit and this is why it is required.  As building codes have evolved, one of the […]

In Hospital Architecture, Communication = Success!

Communication with Architecture

Communication With Your Veterinary Architect is Key Nothing can be more frustrating then to have a vision and not see that vision come to fruition. So much of this end result can be eliminated by open, honest, and productive communication. This can not be more true than in our industry.It begins with a casual sit-down […]

How Architects keep Your Building Water Proof

Animal Hospital Archetecture

Keeping Your Building Water Proof This weeks blog is about a problem that doesn’t occur very often but EVERY TIME it does occur… it is a big problem. I’m talking about maintaining good vertical separation between the floor of your building and the surrounding grade around the building. We just had an exquisite veterinary hospital […]