Atlanta Veterinary Architect and Medical Design Team

With decades of experience throughout the southeast, HDA Architects offers Atlanta veterinary architect and medical design services driven by your specialty. Whether your patients are people or pets, their care is at the center of your practice. Give them the best, with beautiful, informed design strategies that improve outcomes and boost operational efficiencies.

Veterinary Architect Atlanta Services

HDA Architects is a local leader in Atlanta veterinary design, offering focused insights and more than 25 years of targeted experience. We work collaboratively with a team of planners, engineers, and contractors to turn your concept into completion. From site assessments to 3D modeling, permit feasibility, and final inspections, we deliver targeted expertise at every stage, for fear-free veterinary design that will carry your practice into the future.

Smart Animal Shelter Design in Atlanta

In Atlanta, animal shelter design balances the needs of pets with the needs of the community. For animal care and housing, hygienic, low-stress environments and convenient access to equipment are key. For potential pet-parents, warm, welcoming facilities and semi-private bonding areas provide plenty of space to fall in love. Years of experience in veterinary architecture help inform our approach to animal shelter design in Atlanta, with focused attention on technical details and operational efficiency.

Atlanta Medical Design

From pets to people, wherever your specialty lies, HDA Architects has the architectural design experience and the technical knowledge to move your practice forward. We offer Atlanta medical design services that center the patient and facilitate efficient delivery of care. Our in-house equipment expert helps ensure all your operational needs are met, from reception to diagnostics, and every point in between. 

HDA Architects specializes in fear-free veterinary design and medical architecture, as well as restaurant, hospitality, multi-family housing, and senior living design.

Explore our portfolio, or contact us to learn more about the full range of Atlanta architect services we offer.