Navigating the Construction Phase: How HDA Architects Advocates for Clients

HDA Architects Advocates for Clients

  The process of starting a construction project can be a complex and daunting task, filled with challenges and decisions that can significantly impact the outcome. In the city of Atlanta, architectural innovation plays a big part in urban development, and the role of commercial architects becomes an important aspect of ensuring a project’s success. […]

Ultimate Guide: Step By Step Process of Working with an Architect

Architectural Plans

If you’ve never worked with a commercial architect firm before, you might find yourself wondering what the process of working with a commercial architect is like. What do commercial architects do, and how do you find the right architect for your project? The good news is that HDA Architects has compiled this ultimate guide to […]

When your Architect is more than just the definition

Your Architect is more than a definition

Architects are so much more than the definition Architect: ar•chi•tect | a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction. You’ve made the huge decision to move ahead with your dream and remodel or build your practice. You have a ton of ideas in your head and the only way to move forward is […]

When should I build??….Now!

Vet Architecture Calendar

As a business owner, whether veterinary, retail, medical, or hospitality, you always have the goal to grow your business. With that growth comes the enviable position of needing a bigger space, or even adding a second location. But when?? Is there a better “time” to start that process? The quick answer is this…it is always […]