Reidsville Veterinary Hospital

Reidsville, North Carolina

Progress generally signifies a positive outlook. For Dr. Joseph Kinnarney, it presented a problem. Dr. Kinnarney’s existing building needed to be condemned to accommodate a new road access and widening of the state route located in front of the building. This became the impetus for the decision to build a new building on a different site. Dr. Kinnarney contacted HDA and presented the circumstances.  HDA closely examined the existing building and its contents utilizing our vast experience in animal care facilities. We researched other similar structures and were able to determine a “real” replacement cost for Dr. Kinnarney’s hospital.

Moving forward, HDA assisted Dr. Kinnarney in locating and reviewing new sites, eventually finding a site that worked well for his future building.  At that time, NCDOT released the funds based on the value ascertained by HDA.

The new Reidsville Veterinary Hospital is an 8 Exam room practice, with a split Lobby to allow for separate Check-in and Check-out locations. A central Pharmacy will quickly serve both the Lab and all 8 Exam rooms. To easily provide medicines to patients, a drive-thru will be available. A spacious Dental/Special Procedures suite is directly off the Treatment room, as well as 2 separate Surgery Suites. A glass-front Ward also faces the Treatment room and allows staff to easily monitor patients. Finally, a large Training Room is available for evening classes and can double as a lounge for the staff. This magnificent building will be wrapped in a stately stucco and brick facade, along with a hip roofline and stunning “eyebrow” dormer over the front entrance.

Project Specs

SIZE: 9,231 SQ FT


PH: 336.349.3194
Resolute Building Co.
David F. Anna
211 Cloister Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27514