Smart restaurant and brewery design changes with the times, and there’s no time like the present. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality and food services industries have been hit hard. Whether you aim to build a new restaurant, expand, or renovate an existing commercial kitchen space, we have hospitality design strategies that can help boost customer confidence and improve sales.

Hire a Restaurant Architect to Design Outdoor Dining Space

Restaurants with outdoor dining are able to accommodate more guests and offer safer service options. Add outdoor dining space to a restaurant with a flagstone patio or an elevated deck. For urban sites, rooftop spaces are a popular option offering the chance to maximize square footage and capitalize on views that draw customers in. Most local ordinances require permitting and inspections, so it’s important to hire an experienced restaurant architect to design and manage commercial outdoor dining construction.

Build a Restaurant or Brewery With Increased Ventilation

From the newest ventilation systems to functioning garage doors and casement windows, improved airflow is essential for keeping customers and staff safe. If you’re building a new restaurant or upgrading an existing space, advanced air-purifying filters can be integrated early in the design process. Attention to small details in the planning stage will pay off in dividends upon project completion.

Use a Restaurant and Brewery Architect to Maximize Floor Space

More than attractive buildings, the best restaurant architect knows how to optimize a space for increased functionality and streamlined operations. For social distancing, strategic space planning can help maximize the number of tables while reducing close contact between parties. Our team knows how to design brewery and food-service spaces to improve traffic flow and reduce crowding.

With smart hospitality design, it’s possible to renovate a restaurant or brewery for Covid with integrated accommodations for social distancing, increased ventilation, and outdoor commercial dining additions. To learn more about building or renovating your hospitality-concept, contact HDA Architects at 706.531.9998.