Today’s veterinary field has evolved into a highly advanced specialty driven by compassionate care. Animal architecture reflects this evolution, with smart veterinary design strategies that are proven to reduce fear and promote wellbeing in pet-patients, while also facilitating great care and efficient daily operations. Want to know how we do it?

Fear Free Veterinary Design

More than visually appealing spaces, smart architectural design strategies can be used to reduce stress and facilitate healing. Improved sound dampening and advanced air filtration systems help minimize noises and odors, while natural light and open floor plans keep things airy and bright. It’s all about creating a calm, fear-free environment that’s conducive to recovery.

Clean & Comfortable Animal Care

Some days are messier than others, and nowhere is this more true than in veterinary care settings. We recommend high-quality, non-porous materials and durable, washable finishes to withstand the daily wear and tear of pet-patients. There’s a fine balance between function and form, however. Good veterinary design keeps it clean and comfortable without feeling utilitarian.

Built to Succeed

Be prepared for anything, with intentional architectural choices throughout the planning process. From strategically designed drain and plumbing systems to integrated security and real-time video monitoring, plus electrical, gas, and equipment access, it’s possible to build a veterinary clinic that’s well-equipped, operationally efficient, and beautifully styled.

When you can’t hire a veterinarian to build your clinic, the next best thing is hiring a veterinary architect with decades of specialized experience. HDA Architects is a veterinary design firm that works to keep your vision at the forefront of the project. With more than 25 years of expertise, we balance local codes and covenants with the demands of your practice and the limits of your budget. For more veterinary clinic design strategies, schedule a consultation with our animal architect team or explore our portfolio. Call 888.221.9232.