First impressions matter. From the moment they walk through the door, to the moment they fall in love, good animal shelter design can help improve outcomes and foster relationships that will last a lifetime. But what makes a good animal shelter, and how can an animal shelter architect help improve local adoption rates?

Animal Shelter Design with a Purpose

When it comes to modern shelter design, it’s all about purposeful planning. Whether you’re exploring renovations for a small non-profit organization, or ground-up municipal shelter design and construction, a good architect starts with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the needs of the community and the desired outcome of your project. From site selection to interior design choices and space planning, smart decision-making can save you time and money for many years to come.

Fear Free Shelter Architect

A fear free animal shelter keeps temporary residents happier and healthier with an environment that reduces stress and anxiety. We use innovative materials, as well as smart space planning and architectural elements, to minimize odors, sounds, and unwanted interactions. After all, when pets feel their best, they look their best, and they’re better poised to find their forever home.

Animal Shelter Architecture Design for Animals and People

It’s important to build an animal shelter that meets the needs of its temporary residents, including housing, feeding, recreation, and care. Don’t forget about potential pet-parents, though. Friendly waiting areas, wire cage alternatives, bright interiors, and wide corridors draw visitors in. Behind the scenes, staff support areas, diagnostic & treatment equipment, and integrated technology improve your chances of success.

Encourage Adoption with Shelter Design

More than animal care and housing, animal shelters bring people and pets together. Help them find their forever homes with attractive, dynamic environments that reduce stress, promote wellness, and encourage socialization. Showcase potential adoptees with warm, welcoming facilities that offer plenty of space to interact one-on-one, and plenty of opportunities to fall in love.

At HDA Architects, our animal shelter interior design philosophy is informed by more than 25 years of specialized experience in veterinary architecture. We offer a uniquely targeted approach that combines technical expertise with a modern design aesthetic and create highly functional, beautifully-styled animal shelters throughout the southeast. To learn more, explore our portfolio, or contact us to schedule a consultation. Call 888.221.9232.