Community-Centric Humane Society: Fostering Engagement and Volunteerism through Design

Human Society Architect

When it comes to architecture, design extends beyond physical structures; it’s about capturing the essence and values of the community. For HDA Architects, taking on the role of a humane society architect goes beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture. It involves creating spaces that serve as safe spaces for animals in need and as a […]

From Shelter to Home: Design Strategies that Promote Animal Adoption

Animal Shelter Architect

Animal shelters play a crucial role in providing refuge, care, and a second chance for countless animals in need. These shelters serve as temporary homes until animals can be adopted into loving families. However, the journey from shelter to forever home is not always straightforward. That’s where the expertise of animal shelter architects comes into […]

The Role of Architecture in Designing State-of-the-Art Animal Hospitals

Designing State-of-the-Art Animal Hospitals

Animal hospitals have become more and more state-of-the-art in recent years. This remarkable shift is largely due to the role of architecture. Beyond aesthetics, architecture encompasses functionality, sustainability, and the creation of healing environments. At HDA Architects, we recognize the profound impact that animal hospital architecture can have on the quality of care provided in […]

How to Build the Ideal Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Office Designs

Building the ideal veterinary clinic involves careful planning, attention to detail, and consideration of the needs of both the owners and their animals. You’ll want to partner with a veterinary architecture company that not only sees your vision and can help you bring your vision to reality but understand the intricacies and nuance of animal […]

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Veterinary Clinic

veterinarian office redesign

Are you looking for the best veterinary architects to help you renovate and upgrade your existing veterinary clinic? If you are, you’d probably like to know what to consider when remodeling your clinic and what to look for in a good architecture company. The truth is that you can remodel everything inside and outside your […]

What Makes Good Animal Shelter Design?

First impressions matter. From the moment they walk through the door, to the moment they fall in love, good animal shelter design can help improve outcomes and foster relationships that will last a lifetime. But what makes a good animal shelter, and how can an animal shelter architect help improve local adoption rates? Animal Shelter […]

Modern Veterinary Design: Fear Free and Built to Succeed

Today’s veterinary field has evolved into a highly advanced specialty driven by compassionate care. Animal architecture reflects this evolution, with smart veterinary design strategies that are proven to reduce fear and promote wellbeing in pet-patients, while also facilitating great care and efficient daily operations. Want to know how we do it? Fear Free Veterinary Design […]

How to Chill Out about a visit to the Vet.

Veterinary Hospital Design

Taking A New Look At Animal Hospital Design I believe the last statistic I heard was that over 50% of pet owners believe their pets are somewhat or very stressed out by going to the Veterinarian. That is actually lower than I thought it would be. However there is a long overdue movement in the […]

Building Veterinary Hospitals too Big?

Veterinary Hospitals -Building too Big

Invariable at some point in the planning process of a new building design, we have to balance budget with size and volume. In other words if your building is going to cost $200 per square foot, and you want to spend one million dollars, you will be able to afford 5,000 square feet of building. […]